When the balance in magic is overturned, a girl and her foxdragon friend are thrown into an adventure to save their lush, tropical island.


A COMING OF AGE STORY & illustrated novel inspired by Oceana & South East Asia.



the process

Behind the scenes making an illustrated novel.

Finished Ora City - Book Illustration Process

In my previous post about this illustration I shared some of the process involved with referencing this image. Today I'm thrilled to present to you the first finished illustration for "Naiya and the Foxdragon".

Determining Book Production Methods

This may seem like an odd title but this past week I've been working on an interesting conundrum:

How do you effectively produce 104 images that remain consistent throughout in color, value and style and produce them quickly yet at a high quality?

Book Dummy Flip Through

I am thrilled to share this very first glimpse inside the pages of my book with you. Now keep in mind these are just placeholder images pulled from my worldbuilding file and aren't even meant for the book itself. I think you'll get the idea though.


Over 1 year of Process posts

Naiya and the Foxdragon illustration characters digital watercolor Naomi VanDoren

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