Author & Artist

Hi! My name is Naomi VanDoren and I am a visual artist and storyteller. For the past 5 years I have been working independently as an artist on creator-owned projects like my yearly art books and more.

The books

“Naiya and the Foxdragon” is the first in a trilogy of illustrated young adult novels I have been developing over the past few years. This first book is about a young teen named Naiya who befriends a foxdragon, Aru. When a balance in magic it overturned they must embark on an unexpected journey into the heart of the jungle to save a city from the magic that is corrupting their world. Along the way, Naiya discovers her own abilities as they navigate the treacherous jungle and face death.

Filled with rich cultural references and a cast of South East Asian inspired characters, the inspiration for the lush tropical world in which this story takes place is my home country of Indonesia.

While Naiya and Aru’s story can stand on words alone, the illustrations throughout the book add glimpses into their world for a more immersive experience.


Special Thanks

This project was made possible by the amazing support of my Patrons. Special thanks to Katy O'Quinn, Mark Tower, Danielle Clark, PrettyKittyCommissions & more!