Who is this book for?

“Naiya and the Foxdragon” is a young adult novel (Naiya is 14) but was written for everyone to enjoy!

How long is it?

The book is currently 24 chapters and 270+ pages long.

How do I get a copy?

The book printing will be funded with your help through Kickstarter in 2019. For notifications & up-to-date info please sign up to my newsletter.

What is an illustrated novel?

An illustrated novel is a chapter book (a regular novel) with images in it.

Since I’m an illustrator as well as an author, I wanted to use this opportunity not only to tell a story through words but also allow you to be immersed in the narrative through imagery.

While not every page is illustrated, a majority of the book is. Here are some work-in-progress highlights from the interior pages of the book.